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How to take care of gel nails at home?

Unfortunately in most of the countries nail salons had to close. This means that in a couple of days or weeks you will face outgrown gel nails that most definitely will need some extra love and care.

Sandrine, International Trainer at ProNails HQ, has prepared a video that will help you how to take care of gel nails during this difficult period.

Watch the complete tutorial by Sandrine!


You will need to have the Gel Nails SOS kit to work on your gel nails.

Never use a nail clipper on your gel nails. This will cause breakage of the gel and result in broken and lifted nails!

TIP from Sandrine: start with your most difficult hand first. And make sure your nails are facing you as they would your nail stylist.

You will shorten your nails first until the desired length and then you will proceed to shape. Finish off with your daily dose of Vitamini Cuticle Oil and Hand Cream and massage your hand and cuticles.

If you don't like to see your outgrowth, you can cover it with a darker colour of LongWear. A darker colour will help you more easily cover up any gel colour you have on your nails. Start with LongWear Start, apply 2 coats of colour. Wait 2 minutes and apply the LongWear Finish for a perfect result.

Repeat this step of shortening your nails after a couple of days. This is the best way to maintain your gel nails during this exceptional period. Let them grow out instead of picking and tearing of the complete gel from your nails. This will damage your nails!